Tripode allows to order the images, keeping them in encrypted files

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Prixma Solutions - January 28, 2016
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Publisher's description

- Tripode allows to protect the privacy and confidenciality of files. The files which are kept and encrypted with Tripode are out of the scope of other users.
- The stored files can be viewed only through Tripode, although they are not zipped not encripted.
- Tripode has four levels of compression: without compression, minimal, normal and maximum.
- The password can contain up to 32 characters, also, it is posible to use a control question and his response, in case of forgot of the password.
- Tripode has keyloggers' software protection.
- The files are displayed in a friendly and easy to use graphic interface, which allows us to do tasks relationed with files such as to copy, to rename, to move, to import, to export etc.
- Tripode can display and edit the files of images and allows us to enjoy them entire exclusivity.
- It has a tool of search of files, search or classifies the files of images contained in a Tripode File.
- The files can be moved to or from any PC which have Tripode installed.
- Tripode can create slides of images in executables files, which also can be encrypted, this way we can share our photography with other users.
- It supports the following formats of images jpg, gif, tif, pcx, png, bmp, os2 bmp, tga, ppm, pxm, pgm, pbm, jp2, j2k, dcx.
- It performs task associated with images, as changing size, rotation, histograms, removing red eyes, print images, preview, etc.
- It applies effects to the images as lightness, darkness, contrast, saturation, posterize, solarize, sepia, split blur, gaussian blur, twist, emboss, mosaic, color noise, monocolor noise, spray, etc.
- It can get screen captures, the captures can be applied to the desktop, an object, a window, a rectangule to define or an area defined by the user.
- It can add water mark protection to the images.
- It is available in two languages English and Spanish, it is possible to change the language easily from menu of the application.


Additional info

Operating system: Win 2000, Win XP, Win 2003, Win Vista, Win Server 2008, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Win NT

Uninstaller: included

Supported languages: English, Spanish

Release date: 2010-03-01

Downloads: 1

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